Monday, July 27, 2009

What if we moved here one day?

So one advantage to having an awesome sister-in-law who is also an accomplished civil engineer: we have a street named after our family!

It's in a neighborhood she helped plan in Brandywine, just a little ways north of us in southern Prince George's County, and we finally found it Sunday.

That's some sign

Joe giving directions

The excitable one



Everyone had their blinds closed against the sun and heat, so I don't think the neighbors even noticed us taking silly pictures on the street corner.


kateribethrose said...

Brandywine? is there a river? I wanna go there.

Shaharezad said...

Haha how neat! I remember you guys telling me about that street a few years ago. I love the pics of Joe here, he's acting so goofy which is rare for Joe. Goofiness suits him. Joe did a better job of making sure the Currano name was captured in the photos :-P. I think you guys should definitely move there. Then you can raise your kids with them thinking that families are assigned to where they can live by their street names...oh those poor kids would be so confused.