Monday, August 6, 2012

Wild crafting

Sketching with pen, cutting rough chunks of cardboard with scissors. Scraps piling up on the rug, around Jānītis sleeping on a blanket. Marija scribbling on the scraps, putting them in a folder, carrying them to another room...  good music playing as I sing a line now and again. This chance won't last, so I am working quickly.

Done by dinnertime. :~)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A picture to remember

From a few days ago:

Joe is kneeling on the living room rug, showing Marija how to solve tangrams. Jānītis, a week old now, is falling asleep in my lap. Dinner is done; dishes are undone. The Innocence Mission album Joe got me for a pre-birth present is playing. "Where does the time go?" He is the man I met when we were 18 and climbing trees at night.

Marija is going out and Joe says she needs some shorts on, pulls a skirt off the drying rack and gives it to her to wear instead. They are playing ball on the grass and Joe is inviting me outside under the vaulted blue...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The very last thing before I go

We are a week past our second baby's due date. I have cleaned my desk, packed my bag and told my friends I won't be coming to see them for awhile. This waiting time has been quiet -- except for the storm that sent me to Marija's cribside and down the stairs when the wind hit our house at 60 miles an hour. Things were not bad for us... we got power back within half a day and didn't have to invite ourselves over to our friends' for their air conditioning.

At times today I found myself with nothing I had to do. Joe and Marija made biscuits for dinner.