Friday, July 10, 2009

Feathering my nest

I think I may be nesting.

So far, I haven't had the near-superhuman bursts of energy that some other mothers say keep them up all night so they can rearrange closets and scrub all their floors with a toothbrush. But this building nervous wanting to do things -- cleaning things, preparing-for-the-baby things -- it is a bit out of the ordinary even for a binge-cleaner like me. I wouldn't mind being able to think a bit less about diapers and things!

Joe and I have been sharing a cold back and forth this week, but things are good overall. Here are a few nice ones:
  • The African violet on the dining table and the peace lily in the kitchen are blooming beautifully.
  • So is the clematis we just planted in the back yard.
  • Digging holes to plant things has become much easier now that I am 30-some pounds heavier. I just stand on the shovel and in it goes!
  • I've had a few nice chats with neighbors in the last few days while working outdoors.
  • A sweet friend is getting married tomorrow.
  • A family in church just had new baby.
  • The baby in me moves so much sometimes, Joe has asked whether it's having a party in there!

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