Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New skills

I've heard motherhood can bring on a new efficiency. I don't know whether this is true overall, but I am suddenly able to down a glass of water like Joe always could, "glug glug glug" and it's gone. And the other day, Joe was telling a story while on his second slice of homemade pizza when he realized I was cramming my fourth slice down my throat -- meaning I'd just eaten half a pizza in a minute or two -- cause I had to pick up the baby from where she was lying across the room so I could feed her, too.

In the last seven weeks, I've also learned to juggle a baby from one arm to the other and smell a wet diaper at a distance. My Latvian is improving, since I'm speaking it to her. But I've lost much of my ability to finish the thought I started at the beginning of a conversation.

Maybe it will come back?