Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marija Kristina

Marija Kristina, born September 7 at 4:34 a.m.


The birth went well -- and very quickly. We have had many jokes about our Labor Day labor. And in the days since, people have shown her and us so much love... it's amazing.

I love her

Things are going really well. She and I have been learning a lot, I think. Joe, too. I knew he'd be a great dad, but I'm still awed as I watch him with his little girl.

A kiss from her Tētīts

She keeps us pretty busy... I'm able to post now only because Joe is changing her diaper and then starting dinner downstairs. And though she's brought me to tears once or twice when she wouldn't let us put her down to sleep, these first weeks have been pretty wonderful.

Praise God for His many blessings.


Stephanie said...

Aw, she's adorable! Congrats on her good health and amazingly high levels of cuteness. ^_^

Joe said...

Congratulations and best of health and luck to all of you. Enjoy the sleep as you can get it ;)

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful. I love the first picture. What is that on her little head? She looks like she smells nice. :)

Daina said...

She smells nice *some* of the time. *grin*

I made exactly one frivolous baby purchase: a set of elastic hair ribbons in case it was a girl. And since it was, I have enjoyed putting one on her from time to time, so that's what's on her head. They don't really fit yet, though... sometime maybe I will post the picture I took mere seconds after the one with the rose, in which Marija had managed to pull off the hair ribbon and ruin the photo's composition. :~)