Thursday, April 2, 2009

With child

For April Fool's Day I tried to convince Joe I made him a Veggie Meat Experiment for dinner, but he didn't fall too hard for it before he saw his soup and turkey melt (like a tuna melt). I had just the soup, yum.

Then we were talking about times I've been fooled before, including the time Steffie had us all on LiveJournal thinking she was pregnant -- classic. Joe said I could tell people that we're having twins, which would have been genius had I actually remembered to do it before the day was up. 

Anyway, yesterday probably wasn't the best day to tell people that I'm pregnant since I actually am. (Wahoo!) And I know some people know already, but some don't, so! The baby is due August 29th or so, which is the day before our first wedding anniversary. That means I'm at the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy, which means the baby is almost the size of a large mango and I'm getting nice and round in the belly. 

Joe and I are really excited. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is excited, especially people at church! When we told the people who go to daily mass at the monastery with us, they cheered, and they told us, "Your baby's going to have 150 godmothers and godfathers!" On our way out today, they told me to enjoy my dill pickles and my strawberries. Mmm... both sound good to me, but maybe not together. 

I have been sick at times, but I'm more often really hungry... much of the time I'd like to spend posting on here has instead gone into endless rounds of making snacks and eating them. And since I know someone will ask: yep, I've craved some things, mostly salty snacks like french fries and potato chips in the beginning, and also Indian food. I have now memorized the location of every McDonald's in the area, though I didn't visit any of them. There are no Indian restaurants nearby, alas.

I might have felt the baby move yesterday, but I'm not sure. And I should get to see it again today, since we're having our second sonogram! I'm hoping it goes well. We're planning to keep the gender a surprise, though I've had a bit of a premonition. I'll let you know if I was right! And Joe will probably let you know if I was wrong. :~)

I'm guessing I got most of any questions you have, but if you have any others, ask away!

Here is a picture from sonogram number one, taken a month and a half ago. You can see the head on the right, the belly to the left, and the teeny, tiny hands.

The baby


hhalpin said...

We're having our sonogram today! :) How did it go yesterday? Did you get a good view? I've been getting lots of kicks and punches...especially late at night and early in the morning. Fredy has only felt baby kick twice and is quite put out that s/he won't kick more for him. Keep meaning to call you and say hi...will try to catch you this weekend!

Daina said...

Ooh, I hope yours goes great! I really enjoyed seeing our baby again, and of course hearing that everything looks good so far. The baby was kicking its little legs and putting its hands up to its face and moving around a lot (much to the annoyance of the technician, who wanted it to hold still so she could take a good look at certain parts). We got a really great view of a hand that had its thumb and pointer finger out... Joe said it must be a boy because it is already playing with guns in the womb.

I *think* I might have felt the baby earlier this week, but just for a moment. Or maybe it was a muscle spasm. :~P Apparently the placenta is positioned in a way so I likely won't feel much for awhile yet, boo. I can't wait to feel as much as you are!

Fredy will feel all the kicks he wants in a little while, I imagine. You can tell him his presence soothes the baby so much it falls asleep every time he wants to feel it. ;~)