Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pirmais sniegs! (A.K.A. SNOOOOOW!)

Joe was so stressed by the drive in the snow yesterday, he missed the turn to drop me off at home. So I had an extra-long walk near the center of town just as it was turning extra-beautiful, and I went back for pictures while doing errands later on.

Alas, this former train station has become a museum.
Can you see the seagulls on the roof? 

While schools to the north were cancelled, ours stayed open because the weather report didn't call for much here in Charles County. The flakes started coming down quick just as school buses and commuters hit the road, and though a bunch of kids had exciting mornings when their buses crashed, no one was hurt in those accidents.

The snow seems to bring out the good in the neighborhood. I saw kids and not-kids having a snowball fight, and then a huge bunch of guys playing football. One of them lobbed a snowball at me, but it just missed.

Here are some more pictures.

The other side of the old train station. 
The only train that comes by is the coal train going to Joe's plant.

No train this Tuesday, though.

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